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Assessor maps and property characteristics are prepared for assessment purposes only. Our maps are not intended to illustrate legal building sites or establish precedence over local ordinances. Official information concerning size or use of any parcel should be obtained from recorded documents and local governing agencies.
Due to privacy concerns, owner information is not available online (California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254.21). Owner information can be obtained by contacting our office.

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To view a "specific" assessment, please enter the assessment number. This feature may not display all outstanding assessments. If you would like a summary of outstanding assessments, use the FEE PARCEL search.

Fee Parcel

To view a "summary" of all current or delinquent fiscal year assessments outstanding or paid during the current fiscal year, please enter the fee parcel number. If you do not have your assessment or fee parcel number, please contact our office

This information is located on the upper left corner of your property tax bill as shown below.

Sample Tax Bill

Street Address

You may have difficulty searching for your tax bill because your address on the deed may have been recorded with abbreviations.
Try entering the address without the Street, Road, Drive, or Lane in the property address search cell.
Try entering only the first letter for directional identifiers like N for North, E for East, S for South, W for West

Example Address: 1234 West 32nd Street
Search by 1234 W (do not type out West) and scroll down to find your street name.
Search by 1234 W 32nd (do not enter Street or St.) and you should go directly to your property address.